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VPS Control Panels and Features
We make controlling your best cheap VPS hosting easy with online, easy to use control panels and even the option to use your iPhone to monitor your VPS and reboot it if needed from anywhere in the World.

We know you will enjoy being part of the next generation of high quality / high performance VPS hosting. We work very hard to offer our clients a higher level of hosting for a reasonable price by doing things differently than every other VPS host on the market.

Your VPS service comes with two online portals you need to be aware of. The first is your customer portal where you can access support, billing and a set of critical VPS controls. From here you can reboot your VPS, change your root pass, change your hostname or even log into a remote VNC console.

If you go to My Services (Link is at top of the window) you will see a summary of the products you have with us like this:

Click on the icon to the right (the arrow is pointing to it above) to pull up the details and mini control panel for your VPS.

The Product Details screen will show you your servers domain name, IP addresses, a summary of your billing details, the mini control panel, a summary of your VPS statistics, and your logins / passwords for the VPS as shown in the picture below -

RockstarVPS Control Panel

Your product details email will include a link and login information for your RockstarVPS Control Panel. This online panel has all the features in it to manage your VPS in addition to the controls duplicated in your client portal.

Here's a screen shot of the control panel, below are details on what the various buttons allow you to do:

System Control Section

Re-install OS: Click this to re-install your OS or change to a different OS. You'll see a list of OS templates you can choose from including our Rockstar Xpress templates which help you get various systems going in a hurry with software pre-installed for you.

Console: Click this to access a VNC console of your server. You can use this to troubleshoot OS boot issues or access a remote desktop if you have the required desktop software installed on your VPS.

API Settings: You can use this to enable an API user. You can get apps for your iPhone which allow you to control basic VPS functions on the go, for example. More software will be coming soon which uses the API function, including Rockstar's own top secret project. To read about or download the free VPS iPhone / iPad app see -

Logs & Statistics Section

Here you can check your CPU, RAM, Hard Drive and Bandwidth usage. You can pull up graphs by the hour, day, week, month or year.

You can also check your IP allocation and even change which IP is used as your primary connection.

Backup Control

This is where you perform one-buton backups of your server using local and off-server storage.

Quick Backup: Creates an archive of your server and delivers it inside your VPS. (On-server backup)

Central Backup: Click this to create an off-server backup of your VPS. Each plan comes with a certain number of "slots" you can store the off-site backups in. You will also use this button if you wish to restore your VPS using one of the stored backups by selecting which slot to restore from.