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- 24/7/365 Tech Support
- Solus VM Platform
- Free Reboot
- Control Panel Installation
- DDOS Mitigation
- Offsite Backups Available
- Script Installations
- Kernel Updates
- Resource Monitoring
- Free Web Site Migration
- No Contracts or Hidden Fees
- Managed Upgrade Available

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For clients upgrading from a shared environment to a VPS, one of the first questions that come up is about VPS hosting managed or the 'management' of your VPS. You have the option to do it all yourself which many prefer and you are provided ROOT ACCESS, or you can pay for us to do it for you.

While not everyone wants to get into managing their own VPS server. Many manage to do with with the help of cPanel or another control panel. However, we leave that choice to you.
Our default policy on any ssd vps hosting or dedicated server is SEMI-MANAGED. Our Semi-Managed Package Includes...

DoS monitoring - we will monitor your server for DoS and notify you of attack. If incoming we will stop it at our gateway and if outgoing we will help you find the compromise.

Hardware replacement - we will replace hardware at our expense with onsite spares.

Hack recovery and dissection - if your server is hacked we will help you figure out why by going through logs and directories so we can secure it for future use.

Services configuration help - our techs will help you initially configure and answer questions on services configuration including cPanel - DNS, email etc.

Services restart - if you lose a service - we will restart it at your request if you do not have access.

Control Panel support - if you buy one from us - we will support you on it.

Initial server setup assistance with a control panel upon request.

Free relocation assistance upon request. We will help you move your sites/files!

Free proactive ping monitoring on all of our servers. If your server is down, we will get it back online on our own!

Free http, pop and smtp port/service monitoring upon request with 10 minute checks.

Free Server Metrics account upon request. View your system usage, hardware space and bandwidth usage with overage alerts for free!

OS patch and security updates - we will update your computer using Linux or RedHat Network

Microsoft Update at your request up to once a month at no charge.

Initial hardening and optimization (Select *Nix OS only) - Upon request, our technicians will deploy protective features such as a firewall, rootkit detectors, root login alerts and more. Certain services like apache and mysql will also be optimized.

We will support your needs to the best of our abilities. In the past we had no problems with assisting our clients performing tasks such as recompiling apache/php/mysql (with control panel only), resolving web server and mysql errors, troubleshooting dns and email issues and assisting with FTP problems.

Most other providers will charge for the above tasks to be completed while we do not. If the task requested is a more complex one, we will notify the client that their account will be billed for the work done before proceeding. We can do this solely at our discretion..

Upgrade to FULLY MANAGED. With this option, we will do everything for you. All you have to do is submit a support ticket and we will take care of the rest. No issue is too big or small. For many, this gives you peace of mind. We will 100% manage you VPS for you. However, with this option we will remove ROOT access and limit it to the support channel. This allows us to immediately get into your VPS to provide fast support without having to wait, or ask for ROOT passwords, or you can try using our unlimited web hosting with cpanel.

Dedicated Servers
- Custom Configuratons Avail
- Fast and Reliable Servers
- Managed or Unmanaged
- 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
- 24/7/365 Premium Support
- Free Migration Support